Unicorns Consulting

HQL – High qualified leads

High quality Leads / Sales Qualified Leads are a key constituent to successful marketing campaigns. These high-quality leads with the right customer insights convert quickly, bringing down your lead to sales cycle, improve team productivity and minimize cost of lead.

Our HQL programs are designed to improve the sales performance of your organization. With leads that are verified on various parameters such as budget, authority, need, and buying time frame called B-A-N-T Framework. We accelerate your lead to revenue journey by informing your sales teams with specific purchase related insights and ensure your sales team get what they need to close faster. 

B-A-N-T works to your advantage for opportunity identification by asking multiple questions and relevant ones to the need of the buyer. Our hyper-targeted questions qualify the opportunity based on budget availability, discovering the right authority, tapping the right need or pain points and if there is a time-frame for the intended purchase.